Why not begin with a few thoughts of Dunkirk.

Christopher Nolan has had a strong PR campaign on IMDB since Memento was released, 17 years ago.  Before anyone had seen Dunkirk it was garnering 9’s out of 10 (over 20,000 votes on day one).  So reputation affords him the opportunity to make big movies.  My issue with his body of work is the human element.  His characters are like those in a book or a comic.  They are devoid of an emotional connection for the audience which creates a sterile isolated experience.  This clicks with millenials whose emotional attachment is to a video game, a computer or social media.

If you are looking for character development and people you can connect with in Dunkirk, forget about it.  It is devoid of emotion.  We see zero Germans, yet their planes drop bombs, their guns shoot bullets, they capture a pilot.  The various timelines which is Nolan’s signature really doesn’t play well here.  It’s daylight on a ship, it’s night time on the beach 10 miles away.  Seeing replays from different angles, different purspectives, different times was what made the movie last 106 minutes (the movie could have been called “Replay”).

The movie was good, it certainly was not great.  A generous 7/10.